Real Estate & Construction

Construction companies, general contractors and engineers all are keenly interested in what is going on at a job site from the bid package, to the inception of a site plan and drawings all the way through a project’s final completion.


Aerial imaging from a drone brings timely and actionable insights including 2D and 3D models to assist project managers, general contractors, site superintendents and engineers in tracking construction progress, measuring material stockpile volumes, improving environmental compliance, providing timely site surveys and real time mapping, improving safety and maintaining project schedules and budgets.


Integrating timely aerial image data with our sophisticated cloud based video and image platform has the added benefit of allowing multiple interested parties to comment and collaborate in a highly secure platform greatly improving real time awareness, efficiency and productivity. Further integrations with CAD and BIM software facilitates collaboration and enhances real time decision-making.


During the course of a project’s development there are numerous stakeholders both internal and external that have an interest – community groups, financing partners, among many others. 3D models and high-resolution aerial images can help bring timely and valuable perspective to all of these interested parties.